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Current Status: ACTIVE Music being Recorded, Live Performances ongoing NOW!
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#BeyondtheAsh @BeyondtheAsh #MetaloftheSouthwest #DeathMetal #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TrashMetal #ElPaso #LasCruces #Texas #NewMexico #Metal #BtA

2023 Live Shows

Beyond the Ash

From Las Cruces, NM

Metal / Melodic Thrash Metal / Progressive Death Metal



#BeyondtheAsh @BeyondtheAsh #MetaloftheSouthwest #DeathMetal #ProgressiveDeathMetal


#BeyondtheAsh @BeyondtheAsh #MetaloftheSouthwest #DeathMetal #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TrashMetal #ElPaso #LasCruces #Texas #NewMexico #Metal #BtA

Electric Guitar - Danny Estrada

Las Cruces, NM

(founding member - current)

Gear: G-Strings for fingering

Influences: TnA

Electric Guitar - Camron Curnutt

Las Cruces, NM

(founding member - current)

Gear: Guitar

Influences: Sounds

Electric Bass - Ben Duerksen

Las Cruces, NM

(2019 - current)

Gear: B.C. Rich guitars, Gallien Krueger, D.R. strings, Ernie Ball, Coors Light

Influences: In Flames, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, Kreator, Meshuggah, Trivium, Death, Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin, Vader

Electronics & Vocals - DARK DVNT

El Paso, TX

(2014 - current)


Heil Microphone [The Fin], Mackie Mixer [ProFX8], Arturia Synth [miniBrute Red], Pig Hog Cables, PreSonus [TUBEpre], microKorg [classic], Casio [PX-310], JamHub [Green Rm], Sennheiser headphones, ART Pro Audio, TC Helicon

Software: #PCMasterRace, #OpenSource; VB-Audio, Soundplant, Arturia Analog Lab V

Influences:  Opeth, Revocation, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Testament, Obscura, Black Crown Initiate, Death, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Omnium Gatherum, Katatonia, Talking Heads, Chimaira, Dethklok, Enslaved, Silent Civilian, In Mourning, Johannes Brahms, Nothingface, November’s Doom, Odium, Pantera, Pink Floyd, PM5K, Rush, Scar Symmetry, Miseration, Static-X, The Ocean, The Haunted, Tony Bennett, Trivium, Winds of Plague, Abigail Williams, White Zombie, ZZ Top, Joseph Haydn, Live, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Morbid Angel, Disarmonia Mundi, Dying Fetus, Sevendust

Page Music

Drums - Ian Miranda

-a long standing member has returned to his throne
(2015-2017) (2022 - current)


Revisit the past of BtA #BehindtheMusic

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“Beyond the Ash, a metal band who won the June 14 competition, will also join the lineup for Thursday's event. The five-member group has been together since the winter of 2010 and performs in the Las Cruces and El Paso area. They recently released their first four-track CD entitled "Soul in the Solitude" and are getting airplay on the local radio station, 99.5 The Rocket.”

Dana Beasley - Las Cruces Sun News

“BEYOND THE ASH started their set at 9:50 pm, and delivered a strong set of Melodic Thrash. The five-piece from Las Cruces injected a bit of Death and a bit of Metalcore into their set, but largely focused on their foundational Melodic Thrash sound. The guitars were strong, especially on the solos, which provided for nice transitions throughout the band’s 35 minute set.”

Ryan - Axes To Grind

“Few metal bands would join the motley lineup of musicians whose particular styles lean toward acoustic, pop or country flavors. But the progressive metal band Beyond The Ash stepped up to join Chris Baker, La Cella Bella and Crooked Beaver Creek to help support the Southern New Mexico March for Babies Saturday, April 13, at the Inaugural Marchapalooza.”

Amanda Green - The Las Cruces Bulletin

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#BeyondtheAsh @BeyondtheAsh

#BeyondtheAsh @BeyondtheAsh #MetaloftheSouthwest #DeathMetal #ProgressiveDeathMetal #TrashMetal #ElPaso #LasCruces #Texas #NewMexico #Metal #BtA


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